Aspirations of an artist


‘Nowhere in the world of art education has technique been so foolishly substituted for true meaning, self expression, and knowledge as in the field of watercolor’
Edward Reep, 1983 (from the book ‘Content of watercolor’)

Harsh words from Mr. Reep, but he has a point. Students often don’t seem to move on from materials and technique. Part of the problem is that people seem to think they learn how to paint by attending workshops. I don’t mean to downplay that a workshop can help. Some just take so many or even worse, some actually only paint in workshop settings, never anywhere else! The art of painting is learned by painting!

Well, it all depends on what goals we have, doesn’t it? I guess it’s ok to just paint as a pastime. However, I think that someone who paints three times a year should not have the right to call themselves…

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6 de abril: crear otra realidad

Buenas tardes artistas, hoy empezaremos a crear nuestro propio universo personal. Veremos como la fotografía puede ser un vehículo de invención personal. Los medios ya los tenemos, hoy empezaremos a aplicarlos. Os dejo este listado de conceptos básicos: efecto Sabattier : Man ray y el Surrealismo(retrato de Giacometti). Balance de Blancos: temperatura del color.Grados Kelvin.… Sigue leyendo 6 de abril: crear otra realidad