Spotlight: Marina Jaber – the master of art of activism


Iraqi women cyclists took to the streets of Baghdad in the country’s first “female bike marathon” in a show of defiance and solidarity. Dozens of women got on their bikes after a photo went viral showing an Iraqi woman riding through Baghdad’s streets with the message: “I am society.”

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-11-15-11Marina Jaber said she did this because she wanted to “break the status quo of Iraqi society”, where it is uncommon, to say the least, to see Iraqi women on a cycle.

“My ambition is not just riding a bicycle… riding a bicycle was a symbol to break the status quo of Iraqi society,” Marina Jaber said. “Before I used to blame society for so many things that I could not do as a woman, but I discovered that the society is me.”

Since the drive last December, there have been more women in Baghdad who have embraced this simplistic method…

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